The band was originally under the name Lucifer. It was founded in 1976 by the one Kevin Heybourne and was originally composed of vocalist and guitarist Kevin Heybourne, bassist Barry Clements, guitarist Bob Downing and drummer Steve Jones. Lucifer will later split and Steve Jones will link up with Bruce Dickson to form another group called Speed. The band adopted the name Angel Witch in 1978 when Bob Downing left the group. The musicians of Lucifer who remained are the once who came up with the Angel Witch but without Steve Jones whose place was taken by David Hogg and Barry whose place was taken by Kevin Riddles.

Not Above Evil Band


Their first song “Baphomet” received lot of mainstream popularity. This song received a lot of attention for the band, which eventually led them into signing a recording deal with the EMI. However, this contract was soon to be cancelled as manager Ken Heybourne refused to give over Angel Witch to professional management. The performance of their first single under EMI label was badly received and it only lasted one week on British top charts.

Bronze Records then signed the Angel Witch band in 1980, where they recorded their first album, called Angel Witch. The album is taken as one of their best albums, but before the album was released, their structure started to crumple. This was after Kevin Riddles left and joined another group called Tytan and Dave Hogg being sacked. Though Hybourne tried to continue the band with other artists, the band would fall apart again.

Angel Witch band would later resurrect in 1982, after Hybourne and two more musicians from Deep Machine-drummer Ricky Bruce and vocalist Roger Marsden- came together to form a new Angel Witch group with the bassist Jerry Cunnigham. The line-up only lasted a short time, because Marsden voice could not match the style of the band. Marsden was fired and then Heybourne took over the vocals again.

The band was out of existence by 1983, and Hybourne would later move to Blind Fury. Angel Witch would again be brought to existence in 1984 with the assistance of bassist Gordelier, with Dave Hogg coming back to drums and singer Dave Tattum. Dave Hogg would again be sacked and replaced by Spencer Hollman. They then managed to record Frontal Assault which had many melodic elements unlike Angel Witch of previous albums.

In 1989 they produced a new album called simply live. Hybourne would later decide to move the band to America. Thus, another group of Angel Witch was formed. It consisted of Hybourne, drummer Tom Hunting, guitarist Doug Piercy and bassist Jone Torres. The band did well, and they had booked many shows in USA but unfortunately Hybourne was arrested before the first show due to immigration issues. The group would be dissolved again due to the absence of Hybourne.

The resurrection compilation was released in 2000, however after internal wrangles; Heybourne would assemble another group with new members. They recorded their fourth album titled “As Above, So Below” in 2011. The new members were Hybourne who was on vocals and on guitar, and Bill Steer who was also on guitar, on drums was Andrew Prestidge while Will Palmer played bass guitar.

Jon Torres a former Witch member died on September 3, 2013 due to a heart failure. He was 51 years of age.

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