Nickleback is a Canadian Based Music Band that was produced back in 1995 in Canada. To be specific, the band comprises of several musical talents including the lead vocal singer Chad Kroeger, his brother Mike Kroeger, and other musicians known as Daniel Adair as well as Ryan Peake. The band was forced to change musical members especial between their formation year and the year 2005, thereby becoming what is is today when Adair was selected to replace the drummer Ryan Vikedal.

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History and timeline

For those who are not aware, Nickelback is regarded as one of the most successful music groups globally, with well over 45 million albums sold worldwide in their name. Besides that, the band has also received various accolades such as the eleventh best-selling song group and the highest rated foreign rock music group in the United States, placing them second to the Beatles. More so, Billboard has also classified them as one of the most successful rock groups in the year 2000s, with their song, “this is how you remind me”, receiving several accolades on various music charts and winning several awards globally. Worth noting is that the Canadian band was also ranked as the fourth best-selling band of the decade and they also qualified as number seven on the Billboard best music band group, with a cumulative of four albums qualifying for several awards on Billboards as well.

Just after four years of their introduction in the musical industry, the band reproduced their underground album that was known as the State. Nickleback received a broad spectrum of accolades with the release of their unique album referred to as the state and they also achieved immense success with the publication of their 2001 album otherwise referred to as Silverside. In fact, following the production of their top rated album known as Silver Side Up, the band produced one of their most successful hit singles known as This is How you remind me, which achieved number status on various musical charts all around the world.

Furthermore, the fourth album by the band that was otherwise known as the Long Road included well over five singles, and the band resumed their immense musical success with excellent music singles known as Someday, which achieved an outstanding number 7 on the Billboard music charts. Following the success of this album, the band released their biggest album referred to as All the right reasons, which involved the production of well over 3 top 10 singles including Photographs, Rock star and Far Away, which were all from the album All the right Reasons.

On top of that, the Band also released Dark Horse in 2008, which included eight singles, with one of them receiving accolades for reaching Top 10 on the Billboard charts and two other singles receiving accolades for Top 100 success on the Billboard. Aside from that, the band reproduced their seventh album that was known as Here and Now, which was on top of the Billboard music chart and another album known as Fixed Address being released in 2014 as well.

Nowadays, the band is based in Vancouver Canada and have been releasing their albums with top music producing companies such as EMI and Roadrunner Records as well.

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