This band is specifically for weddings and other special events. This band is perfect for your wedding as they have a great love for music and they concentrate on building the best energy for the dance floor. This band does a mazing job at weddings. You can entertain your guests throughout the night without getting them bored or worn out.

Not Above Evil Band


The Band consists of full-time professional musicians who work together with some of the best artists in the UK, they tour and do music with other great musicians like Ellie Golding, Jason Derulo, peter Andre, and Mark Knopfler among others, they also work and tour with other West End shows.

The Blue Lion Band hosts many regular Free Live Showcase Nights all over the United Kingdom. This gives you a good opportunity of seeing the quality of their music and performance that they give, and decide about the music for your wedding day after your personal experience.

You can also engage the Band in negotiating the budget and also the style that will suit. They offer their services for anything that is between 3pc band up-15 band up with full horn section, backing vocalists and percussion. They offer many styles like the funk, pop, mo-town to big band-or even the 80s….

The Blue Lion Band offers dedicated to best services and they are always ready to help in your planning process. They will give you a designated consultant who will be very helpful in your planning process. He will be able to answer questions that you may have and thus help in removing the doubt in you concerning their performance levels. The Band has its own database which contains details of own band planning page- this makes the Blue Lion Band a great experience for your perfect wedding.

The Band is self-managed which implies that they have no middle-men costs that may inflate on the bands hiring value, thus they are able to maintain an excellent value for their band.

Best of all, The Blue Lion Band is self-managed which mean no inflated middle-men costs which means they maintain excellent value for a band of this quality. They also run their programme smoothly and ensure that everyone has a wonderful time because of their good music selection and energy.